ANT 005

Remote Coaxial Antenna

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Remote Coaxial Antenna, 72-76 MHz FM, 22ft overall cable length with last 80inches being active antenna. Use with large-area FM transmitters.  Works with optional 50' antenna extension (WCA 008 50). Shipping: 9" x 5" x 7", 1.0 lbs.


ANT 005

Use with

PPA T45,PPA T45NET, PPA T27 Transmitters

Connector type


Cable type

RG 59 coax

Nominal Impedance

75 Ohm

Total Cable Length

22 ft

Active Antenna Length

80 in

Accessories for ANT 005

WCA 008-50 RG59 coaxial cable kit (50 ft)


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72 MHz FM Antennas Application Guides English
ANT 005 Specifications Specifications English
Outdoor Antenna Mounting (ANT 005) Technical Bulletins English


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