Interpreter Console


Interpretation Console. Discontinued-replaced by iC-2. The audio control center lets interpreters listen to the program directly from the floor or another interpreter while simultaneously interpreting into a microphone. Used as a stand-alone unit, the IC–1 is capable of handling dual language applications. Used in tandem, multiple IC-1s may be combined to economically handle up to four languages.The IC-1 features a microphone mute, floor relay, key and norm controls.


NOTE: A Williams Sound infrared listening system (i.e. WIR TX925, WIR TX900) or FM listening system (i.e. PPA 375) is needed to use the IC-1 for interpretation applications. Refer to the IC-1 manual for configuration options.



Please see the Spec Sheet PDF for a Specification list.

Accessories for Interpreter Console [IC-1]

TFP 008 Power supply/charger for PKT PRO (US)


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IC-1 Manual Manuals English
IC-1 Specifications Specifications English


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