Induction loop receiver package

Product Highlights

  • Five bay charger allows user to add additional receivers


Receiver package includes CHG 518 five-bay charger and three PLR SR1 receivers allowing user to add and charge additional receivers.

Plr pkg1


  • Five bay charger allows user to add additional receivers


CHG 518 Architectural and Engineering Specifications

  • The CHG 518 shall be a 5 unit drop-in battery charger and shall charge a maximum 5 x BAT AP11A NiMH battery packs while they are installed into the Williams Sound WIR RX18 style 3V receivers.
  • The charger shall be enclosed in metal and plastic measuring 12"L x 6.25"W x 1.5"H (30.48 cm x 15.875 cm x 3.81 cm). The unit shall weigh 1.04 lbs (.47 kg) without power supply, 1.6 lbs (.725 kg) shipping weight.
  • Each bay on the charger shall have a red LED indicating charging status. The LEDs shall be on continuously during charge and after six hours will turn green indicating battery is fully charged. The charger will monitor the state of the batteries and will recharge them if needed when kept in the charger*.
  • The charger CHG 518 shall be powered by an external power supply via a DC barrel connector. The CHG 518 shall be supplied with a piggy-back connector enabling up to three chargers to be powered by one power supply. The charger shall be RoHS compliant and be covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty (90 days on cable and power supply).
  • The charger shall be the Williams Sound, model CHG 518.

CHG 518

Dimensions: 12"L x 6.25"W x 1.5"H (30.48 cm x 15.875 cm x 3.81 cm)
Weight: 1.04 lbs (.47 kg) excluding power supply
Color: Black metal and plastic
Power Supply Input: 120 VAC
Power Supply: 100-240V / 12VDC TFP 043
Unit Capacity: 5 Units
Indicators: Individual Charging Indicators: Red LEDs
Warranty: 1 year (90 day warranty on cables and power supply)
Approvals: WEEE, RoHS

Note: Charging specifications are based on Williams Sound, rechargeable NiMH battery, BAT AP07D


*Due to a component substitution there are two versions of the CHG 518. Serial numbers 0654 to 0853 will NOT monitor the battery state and will charge on a six hour timer. Serial numbers before and after this sequence will monitor the battery state.


Frequency Response:

70 - 5400 Hz

Distortion Factor:

< 1 %

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

Typ. 60 dB

Battery type:

BAT AP11A NiMH Battery Pack

*Battery Charging Time:

Approx. 6 hours

Operating Time:

Approx. 6 hours

Maximum SPL:

Approx. 120 dBA

Auto Power

Turn off / on switch built into arms


1.6 oz. (47 g)


2 years




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