PLA 215

Small Room Loop System

Product Highlights

  • Users bring their own device (hearing aid with t-coil)
  • No charging or maintaining of receivers by the venue
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Loop status light
  • Compact and lightweight


The PLA 215 is ideal for use at home or in small conference rooms up to 540 sq. ft. (50 sq.m). The system includes 120 ft. (37 m) of induction loop wire - simply fed from the amplifier and back to it again, forming a loop. In addition to settings for basic volume and tone, the digitally controlled induction loop amplifier uses Automatic Gain Control to stabilize the volume for fluctuating input levels. The device can accommodate the connection of two audio sources; choose your source with the quick touch of a button.

small room loop amplifier, inductive loop


  • Users "bring their own device" (hearing aid with t-coil)
  • No charging or maintaining of receivers by the venue
  • Magnetic signal couples directly to hearing aids equipped with telecoils (T-coils)
  • Headphone output for monitoring audio output
  • Can be used with optional loop receivers
  • Mic and line inputs
  • Automatic gain control


PLA 215


7" x 1.6" x 5.5" (210 x 610 x 360 mm) (HxWxD)


2 lbs. (905 g)



Power supply:

95-265 VAC 50-60 Hz

Loop output:

2.85 amps

Accessories for PLA 215 Small Room Loop System

EAR 022 Surround Earphone

HED 027 Heavy-duty, folding, mono headphones

MIC 027 Handheld unidirectional microphone

MIC 049 Omnidirectional conference microphone

MIC 054 Directional lapel mic

STD 005 Tabletop microphone stand for MIC 027

WND 027 Windscreen for MIC 027


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Compact and easy to use, the Williams Sound Small Room Loop System readily accommodates individuals with hearing difficulties. The small room loop system picks up the sound of a speaker's voice (or other source like a television) from a microphone (or wired connection) and transmits the sound directly and clearly to a listener’s hearing aid equipped with a T-coil.  The listener can pick up the audio when they are within the loop. This technology allows background noise to be eliminated while listening to a speaker's voice or audio program.

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