PPA R35-8N

Personal PA® FM 8-channel Receiver

Product Highlights

  • Digitally synthesized for high-quality performance
  • Meets ADAAG Guidelines
  • Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty. 90 days on accessories.
  • Made in the USA


The PPA R35-8 FM receiver can operate up to eight channels simultaneously when used with any Williams Sound Personal PA transmitter operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth. The PPA R35-8 features crystal clear audio, and is digitally synthesized for stable tuning.  Each unit is built in a rugged impact-resistant case, and and will operate up to 50 long-lasting hours on two AA alkaline batteries (not included). It also features an integral volume on/off control, LED power and low battery indicator, channel selection knob and earphone jack.  When AA NiMH rechargeable batteries are installed (not included), up to 12 units can be charged at one time when used with the optional CHG 3512 multi-charger. The PPA R35-8 FM receiver is covered by Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty


Note: The R35-8N receiver requires a transmitter operating on 72 - 76 MHz. The R35-8N is approved by the FCC for operation in U.S. markets. The receiver can not be used in all countries. Check with your government´s radio regulations for 72 - 76 MHz operation.

Disclaimer: FCC rules limit use of this equipment to auditory assistance.


System Includes

(1) PPA R35-8N Receiver
(1) CLP 015 Belt Clip
Batteries and earphones sold separately.

*All items can be purchased separately

Ppa r35 8


  • 2 AA batteries provide 50 hours of operation
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Can operate up to 8 channels simultaneously


PPA R35-8N Architectural and Engineering Specifications

  • The PPA R35-8 shall be a digitally synthesized eight channel receiver. The receiver shall be encased in a black PC/ABS plastic with a hinged door on the back for battery installation.
  • The receiver shall be a body-pack type and include a detachable belt-clip for hands-free operation. The receiver shall have a 3.5 mm mono phone jack and accommodate low-impedance mono earphones, headphones and telecoil couplers. The receiver shall have a combination volume control and power on/off rotator dial, an eight-position channel select knob and a red power LED on the top bezel. The power LED will flash to indicate low battery. There shall be a slide switch located inside the battery compartment to select between Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery operation. There shall be a squelch control located inside the battery door. There shall be drop-in charging contacts on the bottom of the receiver.
  • The receiver shall be pre-programmed to eight channels between 72 and 76 MHz. The receiver shall operate for up to 32 hours with two 1.5 volt AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and 50 hours on two 1.5 volt AA Alkaline batteries.
  • The R35-8 shall receive FM signals in the 72-76 MHz audio assistance band with 75 μS de-emphasis. The receiver shall provide a maximum output of 35 mW at 16 Ohms with an earbud type earphone. The receiver shall accept a maximum wideband deviation of ±75 kHz. The system’s electrical frequency response shall be 40 Hz to 15 KHz ± 3dB and the S/N ratio shall be 60 dB at 100 μV. The receiver shall have a sensitivity of 2 μV at 12 dB Sinad.
  • The receiver shall be covered by Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty, excluding earphones, headphones, batteries and chargers.
  • The receiver shall be the Williams Sound model PPA R35-8.

PPA R35-8N

Dimensions: 4.5" H x 2.85 W x 1.2" D (115 mm x 72 mm x 30 mm)
Weight: 4.6 oz (130 g)
Color: Black
Battery Type: Two (2) AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (BAT 001), approx. 50 hours battery life orTwo (2) AA rechargeable NiMH batteries (BAT 026), 1400 mAh, approx 32 hoursbattery life
Current Consumption: Nominal 40 mA
Operating Freq: 72-76 MHz*:8 channels: 72.1, 72.3, 72.6, 72.8, 74.7, 75.4, 75.7, or 75.9 MHz. All Channels Not Available on the PPA T20 Transmitter
Intermediate Freq: 10.7 MHz
FM Deviation: +/- 75 kHz
De-emphasis: 75 uS
LED Indicator: Power: Red. Low Battery: Flashes
Sensitivity: 2 uV at 12 dB SINAD with squelch defeated
Input Overload: 20 mV
Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 15 kHz +/- 3 dB
Signal to Noise ratio: 60 dB at 100 uV
Receive Antenna: Integral with earphone/headphone cord
Audio Output: 35 mW, max 16 ohm load
Output Connector: 3.5 mm mono phone jack
Squelch: Located inside battery door. Factory set for 25 dB S/N. Squelch may be set with JFD-7104-5 from Sprague Goodman or any flat tipped tuning tool with tip size .095 X .016
Notes: The R35-8 is NOT field tunable. The eight channels have been carefully selected to inhibit inter-modulation interference. Channel frequencies are 72.1, 72.3, 72.6, 72.8, 74.7, 75.4, 75.7, and 75.9 MHz.
Approvals: FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty: Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty, 90 Days on most accessories.

Accessories for Personal PA® FM 8-channel Receiver

All Williams Sound headphones and earphones are compatible with this product.

BAT 001 AA Alkaline Battery

BAT 026 AA Rechargeable Battery

CHG 3502 Body-pack charger, 2-bay

Products compatible with Personal PA® FM 8-channel Receiver

  • CHG 3512 - Body-pack charger, 12 bay
  • PPA T27 - Personal PA® Base-station Transmitter
  • PPA T35 - Personal PA® Base-station Transmitter
  • PPA T36 - Personal PA® Body-pack Transmitter


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