PPA SelectView FM Receiver

Product Highlights

  • Digitally synthesized for high-quality performance
  • Meets ADAAG Guidelines
  • Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty (90 days on accessories)


PPA SelectView™ (PPA R38N) FM Receiver.  High-resolution OLED screen.  Quick view of receiver status and immediate entry to all user settings. On-screen channel selection with easy access to 17 pre-set, wideband frequencies (72-76 MHz). Compatible with the following Williams Sound transmitters: PPA T46, PPA T45, PPA T45NET, PPA T27. Digitally synthesized for exceptional audio clarity and stability.  Digital tuning, digital squelch and battery-saving sleep mode. New stereo jack paired with the mono jack adds compatibility with variety of earphones/headphones. Rechargeable.

System Includes

(1) PPA R38N Receiver
(1) CLP 023 Belt Clip

Earphones/Headphones/Batteries sold separately.

All items can be purchased separately.

Ppa r38


  • OLED high-resolution screen - easy to read and provides a quick view of receiver status.
  • All user settings are accessible via the on-screen menu – including all 17 wideband channels.
  • Stylish new design
  • Now features stereo headphone jack
  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries
  • Digital Volume Controls
  • 4-step battery level indication
  • Display shows channel or frequency
  • Step/seek function allows user to increment channel manually, or seek to the next active channel
  • Sleep Mode/Auto-Off saves battery power
  • Soft Audio Turn-On


PPA R38N Architectural and Engineering Specifications

The receiver shall be encased in black, PC/ABS impact-resistant plastic with a hinged battery door. The receiver shall be a body-pack style and include a detachable belt-clip for hands-free operation. The receiver shall have a 3.5mm stereo jack to accommodate stereo or mono low impedance earphones, headphones and neckloops. The receiver shall have a power button that is backlit indicating power is on. The receiver shall receive 17 preset wideband channels between 72-76MHz. Channel selection shall be made in the menu. The receiver shall have channel-lock capability.

The receiver shall have a slide switch inside the battery compartment to select disposable Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery operation. It shall have charger contacts on the bottom of the receiver for use with Williams Sound drop-in chargers CHG 3512 and CHG 3502. The recevier shall operate up to 50 hours with two disposable AA Alkaline batteries (BAT 001-2) and up to 32 hours with two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries (BAT 026-2).

The receiver shall provide a maximum output of 35mW at 16Ω with an earbud type earphone. The systems audio frequency response shall be 200Hz to 15kHz ± 3dB and the signal to noise ratio shall be 65dB min. The receiver sensitivity shall be 2µV or better at 12dB Sinad with squelch defeated. The receiver shall accept up to ±75kHz FM deviation and have a 75 µS de-emphasis time constant.

The receiver shall have FCC, Industry Canada approvals and be compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations. The receiver shall be covered by a Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty, 90 Days on most accessories.

This receiver model shall be the Williams Sound model PPA R38N.



  4.1" x 2.85" x 1.38" (104 x 72 x 35mm)


  4.6oz (130g) with batteries. 2.6oz (73g) without batteries


  Black/Silver.  Black ABS Plastic case with Aluminum faceplate.

Battery Type: 

  (2) AA Alkaline or (2) AA NiMH Rechargeable


Battery Life: 

  (2) AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries (BAT 001-2), approx. 50 hrs.

  (2) AA rechargeable NiMH batteries (BAT 026-2), 1500mAh, approx. 32 hrs.

Current Consumption: 

  52mA nominal

Operating Temp. Range: 

  32° – 122°F  (0° to 50°C)


  17 Wideband, accessed via menu

Operating Frequencies: 

  72.1, 72.2, 72.3, 72.4, 72.5, 72.6, 72.7, 72.8, 72.9, 74.7, 75.3, 75.4, 75.5, 75.6, 75.7, 75.8, 75.9 MHz*

FM Deviation: 

  75 kHz


  75 µS

Display Screen: 

  1" OLED

Power Indication: 

  Power button, backlit green.

  Good battery strength - glows solid.  Low battery - flashes.


  2 µV at 12 dB Sinad with squelch defeated

Input Overload: 

  100 mV

Frequency Response: 

  200 Hz – 15 kHz, ±3dB


  FM, +/- 75 kHz peak deviation

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 

  Minimum 65 dB @ 1.0V

Receive Antenna: 

  Integral with earphone/headphone cord

Audio Output: 

  35 mW max at 16 Ω

Headphone Connector: 

  3.5 mm stereo jack, mono output for stereo or mono earphones/headphones

Supplied Earphone: 

  Stereo,earbud-type with foam cushion, 3.5 mm plug, 32 Ω

Power Save Mode: 

  Enters sleep mode after approximately 3 minutes of no RF signal


  FCC, Industry Canada, RoHS, WEEE


  Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty, 90 Days on most accessories.

Accessories for PPA SelectView FM Receiver

All Williams Sound headphones and earphones are compatible with this product.

BAT 001-2 Two AA alkaline batteries

BAT 026-2 Two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

CHG 3502 Body-pack charger, 2-bay

CHG 3512 Body-pack charger, 12 bay

CHG 3512 PRO Body-pack charger, 12 bay, with case

EAR 013 Single mono earbud

EAR 022 Surround Earphone


Download/View Name Type Language
PPA R38 Sell Sheet Sell Sheets English
Using Williams Sound Receivers as an Audio Source Technical Bulletins English
PPA R38 Quick Setup Guide Manuals English
FM Frequency/Channel Chart Technical Bulletins English
FM Brochure - Low Res Brochures English
FM Brochure - High Res Brochures English
PPA R38 Specifications Specifications English
PPA R38 User Manual Manuals English


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