Hearing Helper® Base-Station Assistive Listening Transmitter

Product Highlights

  • Designed for the European marketplace
  • Sleek, backlit LED display
  • Preconfigured for use with R863 three-channel receivers


The T800 FM transmitter is professional grade, designed for the European marketplace.  Will broadcast a speaker´s voice, music program, or audio wirelessly up to 122m (400’) to a listening audience. Set-up is quick an easy. Audience participants use the three-channel R863 FM receiver (optional) to pick up the broadcast for language interpretation or hearing assistance applications.

Note: The operating frequency on the T800 system is designed for European markets. The system cannot be used in all countries. Check with your government´s radio regulations for 863 MHz operation.



System Includes

(1) T800 base station transmitter
(1) IDP 008 wall plaque
(1) WCA 013 audio cable
(1) ANT 032 antenna

(1) WLC 005 AC line cord

*All items can be purchased separately



  • Three channel selectable:  863.250/863.750/864.750 MHz
  • Push-button controls
  • Flexible XLR and 1/4" combo jack, line-level (RCA) input
  • Headphone monitoring jack
  • Meets DDA requirements for hearing assistance
  • Accommodates any number of listeners
  • 3-year warranty (30 days on accessories)


T800 Architectural and Engineering Specifications

  • The T800 shall be microprocessor controlled with push button configuration.  It shall have an operating range of up to 400 ft.  It shall have channels operating at 863.250MHz, 863.750MHz and 864.750MHz and shall be compatible with Williams Sound R863 receivers.

Front panel

  • The T800 shall have a push button controlled LCD digital display.  The LCD shall show frequency, channel lock status and audio level.  Access to channel switching shall be on the front panel via the menu buttons.  There shall be a ¼" headphone jack with gain control to monitor audio input.

Rear panel

  • The T800 shall be powered by a switching AC power supply (included) or a 12 VDC power supply (not included).  It shall have a line level input with L & R RCA connectors and a combination ¼"TRS/ XLR balanced/unbalanced microphone input.  This microphone input will shall work with dynamic microphones only.  Both inputs shall have their own independent gain controls.  There shall be an RF output attenuator switch to reduce the RF output if needed.  The antenna connector shall be a 50Ω TNC.
  • The T800 shall have FCC, CE, ETSI EN301 357-1,2 and RoHS compliance and shall have a 3 year parts and labor warranty.  This Transmitter shall be the Williams Sound model number T800.



21.8 cm (8.6") W x 21.8 cm (8.6") D x 4.6 cm (1.8") H


1.32 kg (2.9 lbs)


Black with white legends


AC: 100 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 400 mA, power inlet IEC C14
DC: 12 to 13 VDC, 800 mA, 2.1 mm DC input jack

Power Switch:

Push ON - push OFF switch with red light

Temperature Range:

Operating: 0 C to 40 C (+32 F to 104 F)


-20 C to 70 C (-4 F to +158 F)

Operating Frequencies:

Selectable: Ch 1= 863.250 MHz, Ch 2 = 863.750 MHz, Ch 3 = 864.750 MHz, 13 other frequencies available (see manual)

RF Output:

5 to 10 dBm (full power switch)

RF Switch:

Low/ Full power switch on rear panel

LCD Display:

Backlit, Ch #, frequency, user name, audio level VU (indicated by 11 segments total)

Menu Push Buttons:

Menu, +Ch select, -Ch select, SET

Headphone Output:

Mono, 1/4" tip barrel jack, 0.35mW power into 33 ohms, level adjust on front panel


+/- .05 MHz (0 C to 40 C)

FM Deviation:

45 kHz (line input, L+R, 1 kHz, 0.5 Vrms)


50 µsec

Nominal Range:

Up to122 meters (400 ft) at RF switch full power with Williams Sound R863 receiver

Frequency Response:

Line input: 25 to 10.0 kHz +- 3 dB
Microphone input: 110 to 8.5 kHz +/- 3 dB. Dynamic microphone only

Signal/Noise Ratio (1 kHz):

Line input: > 50 dB
Microphone input: > 40 dB

%THD + noise (1 kHz):

Line input: < 0.4%
Microphone input: < 0.5%

Audio Processing:

2:1 compression (line or microphone input)

Audio Input:

Line input: mono, RCA jack x 2 (labeled left and right) Microphone input: Balanced/unbalanced, combo XLR (3 pin) or 1/4" TRS jack, Dynamic mic only

Audio Levels: (at FM deviation)

Line input: 0.5 Vrms (-6 dBV), rotary gain adjust rear panel at maximum
Microphone input: 10 mVrms (-40 dBV), rotary gain adjust rear panel at maximum

Common Mode Rejection:

Microphone input: > 22 dB @ 1 kHz, balanced input


22.9 cm (9") long, semi flexible, adjustable, removable, rear panel TNC type connector

Compatible Receivers:



CE, RoHS, WEEE, ETSI EN 301 357-1, 2


3 years*

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Accessories for Hearing Helper® Base-Station FM transmitter

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Products compatible with Hearing Helper® Base-Station FM transmitter

  • R863 - Hearing Helper® FM Receiver


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