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Industry-leading alarm duration of four minutes!


Compact and convenient, the travelTim battery-powered, vibrating alarm clock will wake you, with or without an audible alarm. The clock offers three alarm options: audible alarm/bright strobe light/vibrating alarm, audible alarm/bright strobe light or vibrating alarm alone. Each option offers an industry-leading alarm duration of four minutes. The audible alarm also features an escalating volume. Avoid disturbing others. Simply set the alarm, then place it under your pillow or between the bedframe and mattress. Sleep soundly, knowing you will wake up on time.


Awakens individual punctually with strong vibration impulses – whether at home or on the road, whether they have difficulty hearing or simply when they may not want to disturb others.

System Includes

(1) travelTim alarm clock
(2) AA alkaline batteries

travel tim


  • Strong, pulsating vibrations
  • Vibration or buzzer alarm (switchable)
  • Both audible and vibrating alarms offer a duration of four minutes
  • Audible alarm features an escalating volume
  • Bright strobe light is featured in the following alarm options:
    • Audible alarm/bright strobe light/vibrating alarm
    • Audible alarm/bright strobe light
  • 24-hour LED display with push-button illumination
  • Protective cover for controls -- can also be used as a stand



Dimensions (HxWxD): 95x70x30 mm
Weight: 130 g
Power supply: 2x AA LR6 1.5 V batteries and 1x AAA LR3 1.5 V battery
Alarm duration: 4 minutes


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