SoundPlus® 2-channel Infrared Receiver

Product Highlights

  • Easy-to-operate
  • Lightweight, one-piece design


The WIR RX18 is a under-the-chin style two-channel infrared receiver designed for use with a transmitter operating on 2.3 or 2.8 MHz or stereo. This easy-to-operate, stethoscope-style receiver is ideal for listening applications where optimal sound quality is essential. Provides a range of up to 3,063 square feet (285 square meters) in single-channel mode when used with a Williams Sound WIR TX925 or WIR TX90 infrared system. Lightweight, one-piece design is comfortable and easy-to-clean. An on/off control is built into the arms of the unit, saving on battery life. BAT AP11A battery is included. Use with optional CHG 518 charger.

System Includes

(1) WIR RX18 receiver
(1) BAT AP11A battery

Wir rx18


  • Use with CHG 518 drop-in charger (sold separately)
  • Operates 7 hours per charge
  • Closed ear design / comfortable silicone eartips
  • Lightweight, one-piece design
  • Five-year warranty (90 days on accessories)


WIR RX18 Architectural and Engineering Specifications

  • The receiver shall be an under-chin stetho style with an IR detector lens in the face of the unit.
  • The receiver shall have a rotary type volume control and the power switch shall be built into the arms of the unit so it will automatically shut off when not in use.
  • The receiver shall operate for seven hours per charge with the BAT AP11A NiMH battery pack.
  • The receiver shall be housed in a black and grey plastic case.
  • The receiver shall have a three position selector switch for 2.3 MHz, stereo or 2.8 MHz modulated IR signals.
  • The receiver shall provide 120dB SSPL90 output.
  • The system electrical frequency response shall be 200Hz to 8kHz and the S/N ratio shall be 60dB at 10m.
  • The receiver shall have CE, RoHS and WEEE approval and be covered by a five-year parts and labor warranty (90 days on battery pack).
  • The receiver shall be the Williams Sound model WIR RX18.



2.0 oz (56 g) with battery

Material and Color:

ABS plastic, Black and Grey

Battery Type, Life:

BAT AP11A NiMH Battery Pack, 7 hours

Operating Range:

Up to 3,063 sq ft (285 sq m) when used with the TX9 emitter or TX90 transmitter in single-channel mode

Up to 1,000 sq ft (93 sq m) when used with the TX75 in single-channel mode

Modulation Frequency:

2.3 MHz or 2.8 MHz or stereo

Frequency Response:

200 Hz to 8 kHz, ± 5 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio:

60 dB at 10 m


Volume control thumbwheel

3-position selection switch (2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, stereo)

Acoustic Output:

120 dB MAX SSPL90 with 2 cc coupler


Compatible with 2.3 MHz and 2.8 MHz IR transmitters, WIR TX900 and WIR TX925 systems

Battery Charger:

CHG 518

Power Switch:

Built into receiver “arms"

Ear pads:

Uses EAR 240 silicon eartips




5 years (90 days on battery)

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Accessories for SoundPlus® 2-channel Infrared Receiver [WIR RX18]

BAT AP07D NiMH Rechargeable Battery

CHG 518 Charger for WIR RX18, PLR SR1, 5-bay

EAR 240 Eartip Replacement (pair)


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