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Lutheran Partners in Global Ministr

Since its inception in 1991, Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry (LPGM), based in Minneapolis, Minn., has worked to connect people in the U.S. with churches in other countries to build relationships and share resources. LPGM has worked in ten countries with 60 congregations, completed 30 projects, and reached about 5,000 individuals through several partnerships with churches and organizations both nationally and internationally.


The largest and most visible project that LPGM coordinates is a child sponsorship program in South India; though currently, they are also focused on projects in Argentina, the Central African Republic, Jerusalem, and other projects in India. One such project is the Good Shepherd School for the Deaf, located in the port city of Tuticorin in the southern part of India. The school was started in 1981 with just three students in first grade. However, the school has since expanded through middle school. The present enrollment is 40 children between the ages of 5 and 19 years, and all students are sponsored by LPGM.


Through Gordon Olson, founding director of LPGM, Williams Sound learned just how much the teachers and students at the Good Shepard School could benefit from its assistive listening technology. Shortly thereafter, a supply of Williams Sound Pocketalker™ personal amplifiers, earphones and a Motiva™ personal FM system (transmitter and receivers) was on its way via volunteer courier to these classrooms in South India.


Says Joseph Gnanaraj, LPGM India director, “It is my great pleasure to greet you from the LPGM India Office. I am so thankful for your continuing support of our children through Lutheran Partners. On behalf of the India Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the people of India, I thank you for your generous support. This demonstrates your real love and concern for our kids here in India. Our children are so fortunate to have you as their ‘loving parents’.”

Adds Olson, “Thank you so much for your continuing support of these children who are very precious and important to us.”