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Client Profile / Oslo Christian Center & the Salvation Army

Twenty-seven years ago, the Oslo Christian Center (OKS) put down roots in Kjeller, Norway, a town just outside of Oslo. Today, OKS has grown to become one of the largest nondenominational churches in Norway, a multi-site church with five locations. This summer, its growing prestige in the region brought about an invitation to play host to the 2013 Salvation Army Congress for the Norway, Iceland and Faroes Islands Territory.


 The high-profile event attracted more than 1500 participants – a record number for a Congress in Norway. Attendees gathered in Oslo in June for the celebration weekend, with another 2000-plus people from around the world following the live broadcast of all the meetings. The celebrations began with the commissioning and ordination of new lieutenants, followed by concerts, fashion shows, a parade with 700 people representing all aspects of the territory, and much more.


 In the midst of it all, behind the scenes, the video production crew from OKS relied heavily upon Williams Sound’s Digi-Wave™ communication technology recently purchased from Scandec Systemer, professional AV distributor out of Oslo..


Ten DLT 100 digital transceivers were set up as a wireless intercom system, allowing the control room staff to communicate immediately and accurately in full-duplex mode with cameramen,

lighting control, the audio engineer and the production manager in their different house locations. The control room staff spoke and operated as the central hub, while remote crew members participated as listen-only or by accessing two-way mode with the quick push of a button.


Adding to the mix were two other Williams Sound Digi-Wave communication systems (DWS TGS 20) that the Salvation Army brought with them for simultaneous interpretation use during the Congress. Each system -- complete with a DLT 100 transceiver and headset mic for the interpreter, and 20 DLR 50 receivers for the delegates -- was the perfect, portable solution for visiting delegates who benefitted from the interpretation of the proceedings into two additional languages.


All three Digi-Wave systems needed to function simultaneously, yet independently, during the Congress. So, the ability to assign/program each system with a different group number, thus keeping their functionality separate, was key. Notes Bjørnar Riise, product manager at Scandec Systemer, “All of the Digi-Wave communication systems worked perfectly and in perfect harmony with the other technology we had in place. There were no side effects of any kind – especially impressive in an environment flooded with 30-plus channels of wireless microphones (UHF), stage lighting control, an abundance of WiFi, pro audio, and so on. Outstanding!”