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Headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, Shiloh Industries is a leading supplier of custom steel blanks (pre-cut sheets of metal fed into stamping presses) and engineered metal products to the consumer- automotive, commercial-vehicle and other industrial markets. The company has multiple locations across North America, including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Mexico, and has approximately 2,000 employees.


The first connection with Williams Sound was made when the local Shiloh plant manager called Sterler Productions, an event production company in Zionsville, Indiana, wanting to rent a tour guide system. On the plant manager’s docket was a three-hour, walk-through facility tour with the then-new Shiloh CEO. Craig Sterler, principal of Sterler Productions, “wanted to ensure that I provided Shiloh with the best-quality equipment possible, technology ideal for use in such a high- noise environment. I rented them Williams Sound Digi-WaveTM DLT 100 transceivers and MIC 088 dual-muff, hard-hat, headset microphones.”


Four days after the CEO tour, and obviously pleased with the quality and performance of the Williams Sound equipment, Shiloh purchased Digi- Wave two-way wireless communication systems for training, wireless intercom and

VIP tour applications for 10 of its manufacturing facilities. Each
Shiloh facility now stocks 15 DLT 100 transceivers; 13 MIC 088 dual-muff, hard-hat, headset microphones; and two MIC 044 2P headset microphones. (The single-muff headsets were added for safety reasons, so at least one member of any industrial tour group could hear sounds originating outside the tour group.)


The combination of Digi-Wave technology and noise-cancelling headset microphones offers Shiloh an ideal solution for the unique challenges presented by its manufacturing environment -- loud, moving, automated equipment; frequently large tour groups; and technical information that often inspires interaction between guide and group. Digi-Wave relieves voice strain via its clear, wireless audio and offers two-way capability for real-time group Q&A.


Notes Sterler, “Shiloh loves this Digi-Wave technology. It’s cost-effective, adaptable to a number of applications, and highly portable. Digi-Wave is definitely designed to impress visiting VIPs.”